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3 Simple Reasons You Need a Brand Video

Many businesses and organizations in the modern digital economy are recognizing the importance and impact of utilizing brand videos. These videos play a vital role in enhancing brand recognition, attracting new prospects, and engaging individuals to respond to your call to action. Many of my clients have harnessed the power of video to effectively inform their audiences about who they are and what they do.

For instance, one of my clients recently shared that a video we created for them helped secure several new contracts within six months of its release.

Another video we produced for a non-profit was showcased at a gala, contributing to a record-breaking amount of donations in a single evening.

Additionally, a client found their video not only served as an effective tool for recruiting parents into their program but also as an excellent resource for employment recruitment.

A real estate agent we serve reported that she sold several of her largest listings through simple video walk-throughs.

These are just a few success stories. Yours could be next.

Business 101: Brand Recognition

Brand videos are essential tools for helping your audience understand who you are. They foster an emotional connection between your business or cause and your audience. In today's landscape, it's crucial for customers to have a positive perception of the products and services they engage with, especially in terms of their origin.

Even if your audience doesn’t hire you or support your cause today, a simple, impactful video can leave a lasting impression that draws them back when they need you. This is why insurance companies invest heavily in billboards, humorous ads, pop-up events, and more. They might not gain your business today, but they'll be the first you think of when you need their services.

You need a brand video on your website's main page. Our show-reel is a concise version of this concept. It illustrates the diverse industries and people we've served, showcasing our quality and capability. What do you want people to understand or remember about you?

Brand Video Generates Quality Leads

I think one grave mistake that a brand can make is in not identifying and reaching their target audience. Brand videos should help your audience determine if you are the right fit for their problem or not. From my perspective, as a business or organization, all of us are solving a problem for someone else in some capacity.

If you want to generate quality leads, you should make sure that your video clearly defines who you are and what you can do. It should sift out leads that aren't the right fit - which saves you precious time. A great brand video should do a lot of work for you. Post it in an Ad, send it to potential clients, let it live on your website for a while.

Life has a way of coming back around. When you create a brand video, you're not just focusing on the leads it may bring in initially, but you're also setting the stage for future leads.

Brand Videos Help People Make Decisions

As mentioned at the beginning, video helped many of our clients meet and even exceed their goals. Many of them have benefited in the short term and the long term. Show your audience that you take great care to meet their needs. Convince them of your commitment to quality. Show them the real-world impact of your work through an emotionally engaging video.

Allow us the privilege of creating a brand video for you that makes a difference for your brand. We'll work hard to amplify your message through a visually appealing video that sets you apart and generates quality leads.

Contact me at to get started.

-Gabriel Wheeler

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