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Booking a wedding? 3 Significant Things You Should Know

Phew, what a year it has been. For many of our couples, it's been a real headache. Rescheduling is not a task anyone wants to undergo. Booking all the right vendors and sending out all those RSVP's is like a full time job.

Again, it's been a wild year. That's why I decided to write this short post on my predictions and suggestions for 2021.

Book a Year in Advance

Most couples book vendors a year in advance. Now, you're probably thinking, "what if we suffer another pandemic?"

I can't speak for everyone, but over the past 6 months I have personally witnessed vendors working graciously with clients over cancelations or rescheduling. If you reschedule your wedding with us and we have an open spot, your deposit will be honored. You're not going to lose a dime when you book and decide to keep us on board. We're willing to do what it takes to shoot your wedding film.

I recently shot a wedding that consisted of just ten people total...all wearing masks. I know it isn't ideal, but we made it work. We also were able to do it with only a deposit budget. Discuss with your vendors what their booking policy requires before you sign a contract.

2021 is Going to a Wedding Bonanza

In 2020 we personally saw a few cancelations/reschedules. (One of which will be taking place next Spring instead of this past June.)

That said, you need to anticipate that wedding vendors are going to get booked up really fast. If you're looking for more popular wedding vendors, it's going to get really difficult to snag them. My suggestion, book early.

We're hoping that COVID19 will soon come to an end. That's our prayer. So far, with the rate that things are opening up, 2021 is looking to be a ripe year for the wedding industry. We want you as much as you want us. Please reach out early!

Get to KNOW Who Your Vendors Are

I think one of the biggest regrets couples have after their wedding day is realizing that they booked terrible vendors. Do. Your. Research.

There is a SURPLUS of wedding vendors out there. Some are there to make a buck. Some are there to make an experience. Know the difference.

We've seen some pretty poor vendors. DJ's, caterers, photographers.. heck, add officiants and wedding planners to the list.

Ask around. See where word of mouth takes you. Consider the sources. If your DJ uses faulty equipment from the 80's to run your wedding, you may be in for a bad trip. I've seen some do a better job with a mic and an iPhone connected to Spotify.

Don't settle for less or you will probably regret it.

For Video:

1. Just because they own a drone doesn't make them a professional.

I've heard this too many times. "Do you have a drone?" Drones are really cool. I use mine every chance I get. I think they add a lot of value to our wedding videos.

But, there have been plenty where we were simply unable to get the drone in the air. This is going to be the case for anyone. The question is, if you don't get the drone shot you want, is this videographer going to capture other valuable imagery? You can create a really cool wedding video without a drone. Find someone who's experienced behind the camera and you'll see some magic.

2. Find out if you really like their storytelling style.

Everyone tells a story differently. Some are trained really well. Some are naturals. Some just aren’t.

Look at their previous work. Are you going to be happy watching something that looks cheap or cheesy or does their work make you want to binge watch it like Netflix?

3. Beware of Photo + Video package deals.

I really like this concept. The idea to combine photo and video services is a life saver. The benefits are that you get a team that is used to working together. You won't have a videographer and photographer getting in each other's way. You'll probably save some money too. Not all are bad. I honestly wish there were more of this.

Before you book something like this please look into what quality they offer. If you're doing it to save money, refer back to my previous points. Understand whether or not you're getting a quality product in the end. If so, good for you!

Thanks for reading! Please watch this film below for a quick look at what we can create for you. We hope to hear from you!

Gabriel Wheeler

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