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COVID19 has no doubt had an unprecedented affect on us all. Jobs have been lost, travel restrictions have been imposed, food and other necessities have come up short, and our daily routines have been completely upended.

For me, as a videographer, business has had to change. I've had many reschedule and some completely back out of their wedding date. As much as I want to shoot every wedding that I've had booked, I can't imagine how some of you must feel who can't hold the ceremony of your dreams due to venue closings and crowd restrictions.

While there may seem to be a lot of negatives in these trying times, I want to somehow spark a glimmer of hope and resolution. We've all had to get a little crafty in some way or another. I guess that's what happens when you're quarantined!

I'd like to present two new opportunities that you can take advantage of during this COVID19 era.


Venue closures have ultimately been the biggest hangup for many of us. If venues haven't closed, they are more than likely following state and CDC guidelines limiting room capacity to 10 or less.

If you're one of those who doesn't wish to reschedule for a later date, this means you either hold an elopement style wedding or you cancel your reservation.. resulting in the loss of that expensive deposit.

Live streaming is your best bet. In true cinema style of my own, I want to offer something worth your while. Let's face it, while a simple Facebook live stream from your phone could do, you'd be left with terrible audio and probably a terrible view as well.

I have invested thousands into audio and video equipment over the past few years. All of it to offer the best possible quality you should expect to receive.

My live streaming services would include:

  • Two professional camera angles with that beautiful background blur.

  • High quality audio allowing you to hear the bride, groom, and officiant in crystal clear perfection.

The video would be saved for editing or watching later. I would offer this service for $600 + travel fees. In other words, this is the same cost as my initial deposit I charge for regular wedding shoots. You could even combine live streaming with the service in my next section below.


So here's your situation: you've canceled your wedding day due to either crowd restrictions or venue closings. I have an idea.

This is something that spawned out of something I wanted to start with my regular wedding day shoots. Many professional videographers that I follow tend to offer an extra day of shooting outside of the wedding day.

In this case, the couple agrees to meet up with the videographer to shoot a love story. It's the bride and groom, either in their wedding day attire or casual clothing- and they get to tell their love story.

You pick the location. You pick the activity. We just make a cinematic experience of it and tell the story of how you met, about each other... you name it. I'm feeling extra creative. Toss me ideas.

I would charge about same as a typical wedding day which allows for

  • 5 hours of filmmaking

  • Licensed music so you'll be able to share it everywhere

  • Crystal clear audio

  • You get a teaser and a full video approximately 10 minutes in length

Message me for rates. It varies by location.


These are two great opportunities that I hope you will take advantage of during this time. My goal is to offer the same quality you should expect to receive for your wedding day and to bring a little bit of magic back in the midst of this pandemic.

If you're not looking for wedding videography services and any of these options sound appealing for something else you're working on, message me. I would love to figure up a plan and make that happen.

We're in this together. Stay strong.

Gabriel Wheeler

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