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Exciting news! Please read...


I’m late at posting this…

I have big news and a testimony of answered prayer.

This picture is from a year ago. I had just graduated as Valedictorian from Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Science in Media Communications. Personally, this was huge for me. What you don’t see here, is that I was sick in this photo. I was battling a pretty serious infection which left me in tremendous pain and exhaustion. At this point, it had been a little over two years of going to college and working at Cook Medical full-time. On the side, I was shooting weddings on weekends and editing on weekday evenings.

It took a lot of work, but it came at the cost of my health. I thank God for helping me pull through. Flash forward to 2020, I came down with appendicitis which knocked me out for a few weeks. During this time I got a taste of what working as a full time videographer was like. It also gave me a taste of what true rest felt like. I was able to pray more and focus on what mattered most. Ironically, despite having a ruptured appendix and surgery- I was the healthiest I had been mentally and spiritually. That feeling has never left me.

2020 has been a wild ride. I had hoped that I would go full time video early in the year- and then the pandemic hit. COVID19 knocked out a few wedding projects which was a small set-back. I’m thankful I had a job at Cook Medical during this time, especially when there wasn’t much job security elsewhere.

Things picked up later in the year with weddings as venues opened and crowd limitations were lifted. We ended up doing about 6 weddings back to back! I’m currently swamped in wedding edits. In the midst of feeling overwhelmed I began to pray that God would help me get back to not being so busy. Trying to do everything isn't healthy for me. Something had to give, but I couldn’t quit my full-time job without something solid to lean on.

Last week, after praying this prayer, a project popped up out of nowhere that offered me plenty of security- enough to finally take the step I’ve always wanted to take. Last Friday I put in my notice at Cook Medical that I would be leaving to pursue videography full-time. It was an answer to prayer. Now I am able to focus on delivering projects to my clients quicker and take on new opportunities. I will miss everyone & I am grateful for the support that I’ve gotten over the past few days. It has been nothing short of encouraging.

This move presents a new challenge, but in the midst of making a prayerful decision, I came across this passage that strengthened my faith in it all.

“And Jesus, aware of this, said to them, “Why are you discussing the fact that you have no bread? Do you not yet perceive or understand? Are your hearts hardened? Having eyes do you not see, and having ears do you not hear? And do you not remember? When I broke the five loaves for the five thousand, how many baskets full of broken pieces did you take up?” They said to him, “Twelve.” “And the seven for the four thousand, how many baskets full of broken pieces did you take up?” And they said to him, “Seven.” And he said to them, “Do you not yet understand?”” Mark 8:17-21 ESV

My God provides.

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