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Historic 1892 Barn Meets: Your Wedding Day

Two months ago when my brother and I attended the Bloomington Bridal Show as vendors, I asked many different couples where they were hosting their wedding. We heard several familiar names including The Wilds, Sycamore Farm, Spring Creek… many of which we have shot at before.

However, one name seemed to really show-up and show-out that day. A space we had never been to before; Whippoorwill Hill.

This past Sunday turned out to be a rather warm and sunny one, so it should be no surprise that, like anyone else, I wanted to spend some time outside. Fortunately, on that day, the Whippoorwill Hill wedding and event barn was hosting an open house.

As we entered the property, we drove through a winding gravel drive that took us through what would-be corn fields had it been in season; which highlights the fact that this venue sits on a working farm.

We pulled up to this charming barn that looked like something out of a movie. It’s historic too. According to the owners, this exact barn was originally built in 1892 in Manila, Indiana and then moved to Bloomington in 2016.

The Whippoorwill Hill has been undergoing construction during its off-season, making room for a new vendors kitchen and restrooms.

One of the first things I notice when I enter a venue is how much and how well light fills the space- whether that be natural or artificial. Whippoorwill had a balance of both that was aesthetically pleasing and just screamed, “take a picture!”

Sunlight streamed in through high loft windows at each end of the barn. Each side had sliding doors that exposed a vast patio space with hanging lights. I can only imagine what it would be like to be here for a wedding on a cool summer evening or night.

Check out these pictures that I took while I was out on Sunday. Looking for an event space for your wedding? Here's an idea!

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