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Now a Certified Part 107 Drone Pilot

I am now officially a Part 107 UAS Certified Pilot! This means a few important things for my business going forward...

I will now be able to offer drone services to all of my clients. Certain restrictions still apply, but this opens the door to doing so much more in so many more places.

Why is it important to hire a certified pilot?

It's safer. You don't want the FAA catching you where you shouldn't be. You'll get handed a pretty hefty fine for that. Hire a trained professional who can operate aircraft safely and efficiently.

My knowledge now as a remote operator and a creator allows me to capture cinematic imagery that can be used for commercials or other creative films.

I will also be able to offer the following services:

1. Surveying

2. Real Estate Videography & Photography

3. Video Capture for contractors as well as large and small companies.

I look forward to your trust as a remote pilot, and I cannot wait to capture your vision!

Visit my services page.


Gabriel Wheeler

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