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The Heart of a Community

One of the things I love about some projects is being able to see an idea or mission come to life from beginning to ending. In this case- the mission is ongoing but some aspects of it come full circle.

Connection Point Church is planted in the heart of the Trafalger, IN community. One of the things they pride themselves in is in their involvement in the community.

I personally have been a part of a few events in which I witnessed them help a local food pantry with some landscaping, host community Easter egg hunts, and a movie night in the park.

I’ve always enjoyed being in the company of Michael & Cynthia Nowling, the pastors of Connection Pointe Church. Months ago we set out to capture several small events which turned into a promotional video that brought everything full circle.

Community involvement goes a long way. As you’ll see in the following video, lives were changed and a community comes to life through the CPC ministry.

Watch the video below:

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