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What have I been up to?

These past few months have been something of a whirlwind. I'm grateful for it all. So many opportunities have been presented and I thought I'd take a second to make a post about some of them for memory sake. (Above picture is from my trip to Tampa, FL for drone training.)

Finished 2020 Weddings

We finished 2020 strong with a whopping 16 weddings. This is huge for me as most of them were done while I was working full time during the week...not to mention in the midst of a pandemic.

I'm thankful for our past clients who placed their trust in us this year and I can't wait for more this year. Our year goal for 2021 is 20 weddings. My goal is not to book up so much that I can't spend as much time as needed to make our clients videos the best they can be.

I'm also thankful for my team. My brother, Jacob Wheeler helps me shoot all of them. I've also been lucky to have a third helper- my girlfriend Tatiana Peters. I couldn't do it without them.

Watch three of our 2020 films below... it was hard to pick. Go to my YouTube for more.

Innovative Coating Solutions Video

I can't exactly share the video here because of a non-disclosure agreement, but I was given the chance to make a "Thank You" video for a company in Indianapolis late last year. This was a refreshing opportunity because it gave me a chance to get out of the wedding industry for a second and do something different.

I can't stress how important it is to take a break. Sometimes that can be in the form of taking pause or other creative outlets. Commercial videography is something I have wanted to get into, and the prospects of it happening again are likely in 2021. Thankful to have gotten my foot in the door. Thank you to Jesus for opening that door.


I currently serve as Creative Director at my church, Family Life Church. We've been busy putting our services online which has been a fulfilling avenue. Above all else, I hope my talents further God's kingdom and I want to share the hope I have with everyone around me.

We've had to create worship videos that often take the form of music videos, our services are produced in my office at the church, and it has been a delight to run social media and manage the website.

Check out all of our content here at

Marketing Materials for 5 Preschool sites in Bloomington

This is one of the most exciting projects I've done because it gave me a chance to get out of my full time job to pursue my business full time as a creator.

I've been putting together some videos and other marketing materials for 5 different state funded sites in Bloomington, IN.

I grew up around preschool/daycare because of my Mother's business, It was familiar territory, and quite fun, as I was able to shoot around the facilities and get some great interactions with the kids.

My hope is that these video's elevate their brands. I will share some of those videos in an upcoming post.

Product Photography + Business Launch

Another creative avenue that I have been trying out is product photography. It's always seemed like a lot of fun, and what better time that now for my mom to start her bakery business.

My girlfriend and I picked up some supplies from Lowes, Joanne Fabrics, and The Dollar Tree and made a $21 product booth that worked like a charm.

This was our first attempt and I can't wait to try again.

B-Town Bakery is open. I was able to create the website and snag a great domain name which, if you've ever created a website, isn't an easy task. (Domain pirates stink.)

Check out these images and, if you're from the Bloomington area, go snag up some treats!

Starting a YouTube Channel

One of my latest endeavors is to create a YouTube channel. I hope to eventually make regular posts. I've attached the welcome video below. Please take a moment to subscribe! Thanks for reading!

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