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Delivering impactful and results-driven video marketing content with a professional touch.

Gabriel Wheeler LLC provides high-quality video productions tailored to meet your unique needs. We specialize in crafting personalized branded video content that is compelling, engaging, and makes a real difference. With honest and prompt communication and a focus on delivering high-quality content, we offer a variety of service options for a wide range of industries, with a particular emphasis on corporate and non-profit work.

In a world where media is often consumed much more than it is appreciated, we strive to create media that brings value to your brand or cause. We are confident in our ability to strike the perfect balance that makes marketing content valuable both to your investment and your target audience's time.

Aerial Video & Photography

We offer high-quality aerial video services. We are Part 107 Licensed by the FAA to ensure safety, minimize risk of accidents, and ensure compliance with FAA regulations. Because of this, we can ensure exceptional results with every project.

Picture of Bloomington, Indiana Downtown as seen from a drone on the northwest corner.
5 stars review for Gabriel Wheeler

"We have worked with Gabriel a few times for footage of our site development. His communication, timeliness, and end product has been great!"


Bringing you long term value...

Our clients have expressed how the videos we produced for them have extended their value beyond their initial purpose, benefiting various aspects of their industry. It is our aim to deliver not only high-quality content but also long-term value and utility. By guiding you through the pre-production process, we ensure that your current and future goals are met. This approach saves you time and resources, minimizes the need for repeat campaigns, and propels your company or organization forward.



In our retainer model, clients pay a fixed fee for priority access and dedicated resources. It offers convenience, cost savings, and fosters a collaborative environment for long-term success.


Short-term contracted projects offer flexibility and focused attention to meet specific client needs. With a clear scope and defined timeline, these projects provide efficient solutions and targeted outcomes for immediate goals.


Conference & Event Video

Event videos have been proven to drive higher attendee registration, enhance brand visibility, and increase overall attendee satisfaction. By leveraging this essential form of advertising, businesses can achieve year-over-year growth and maximize their event's impact.

5 stars review for gabriel wheeler llc

...Skillfully executed our vision for Heading Home's video series. His responsiveness, thoughtful preparation and creative talents are a fantastic combination! I couldn't recommend him more highly.


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