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Why Quality Video Productions Are Essential for Non-Profit Organizations

A couple of questions I often encounter are, "What impact can a video have on my business or organization? What value is there in it?"

I believe that when it comes to non-profit organizations, the value of a quality video at a fundraising event, for instance, is much higher than most people realize. That may sound obvious, right? But let's delve into my reasoning:

Video has the power to engage your constituents on a grand scale.

If you've organized events, you likely understand the weight that each one carries year after year. You've dedicated numerous breaths articulating your purpose and sharing fresh narratives, all with the aim of garnering support, building a network of volunteers, and much more. Imagine being able to tell one or two stories just once, then sharing them with beautiful imagery that takes your audience into the world of the people you represent. You can spread this message over many separate events, promote it on social media, or even go for the bleachers and broadcast on television. There are so many outlets to choose from!

Depending on your chosen distribution route and agreements with your videographer, you have the opportunity to tailor a unique video for each audience. One very apparent benefit comes to mind: increased visibility gives you the opportunity to gather support on a larger scale.

Support could either come in the form of a call for monetary donations or building a robust volunteer network within your organization. Perhaps you just want to remind people why their support matters or that what they've already done has made a tangible impact. Consider how a video could address communication gaps or consult with someone to identify and fill those areas.

Video has the capacity to emotionally connect with audiences in a compelling way.

As I touched on before, there's a real difference between a keynote presentation and a touching video. With video, you can ask your video team to delve into your story and match it with compelling visuals.

One of my first videos for a non-profit was very simple. It was for a group that organized sports activities for kids with disabilities. We set up an interview with key volunteers, parents, and a few of the kids and asked them about their experience. We overlaid their interview soundbites with pictures from each of the games—all depicting children and parents having fun on the field. We ended it with a call to action. This video was shown for the next two years at each annual gala event and was very well received by attendees!

We worked on a series of videos for another organization a couple of years ago about an organization located in Bloomington, IN. The video is below, and should explain itself. Pals Therapy has been able to use this video as well as variations of it on social media and at many events—making it highly effective in their outreach efforts. Check it out:

To conclude, video possesses the unique ability to emotionally connect with a broad spectrum of audiences. It offers long-term value by effectively bridging communication gaps, whether online or in person. Its impact extends beyond the limitations of words alone, making it a powerful tool for conveying compelling narratives and fostering lasting engagement.

Message us today if you are looking to use video for your organization! We'd be happy to consult with you and get things started for you.

Gabriel Wheeler

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