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How a Branded Video Can Boost Your Business Success

If you're new to the concept of using video to support your business or organization, you're not alone. Many of the conversations that I've had with clients and potential clients in the past have resulted in these common phrases:

"I don't really know what I want.."

"Where should I place this to be the most effective?"

"Why should I use video now when I've always managed without it?"

"I'm not sure what value this will bring to my business..."

All of this makes a ton of sense. For a long time, affordable video options weren't really available to people without big budgets. We now see hundreds of advertisments and videos every day on social media.

Video advertising may seem as daunting as high-diving into a bottomless ocean. You worry your efforts will drown in all the noise or you simply hesitate at the end of the board unsure if it's even worth jumping off.

It's easy to get caught up in influencer marketing and the demands of algorithms that change constantly. It would be easy to just say, "nevermind."

But- what I try to remember, is that there are many forms of video marketing that provide long lasting value to your business. Social media marketing is important, but so are things like website content, event videos, personal stories that remind us, our employees, and our customers of why we do what we do. It's about building a brand identity you can feel proud of.

Training videos could save you time and resources when it comes to recruiting new members of your team. There really are many ways you can use video to streamline everyday processes that keep you from growing.

You don't have to have all the answers, nor the entire vision for your marketing plan. Identify your problem, then ask a video production team what they would do to solve it. A little consultation can go a long way.

I'm going to be honest: there may be some trial and error. Just because video didn't work for you before, doesn't mean that it won't ever work. You just have to find what works for you.

I am a firm believer that you won't know until you ASK or TRY. Many fail to recognize their potential or get the right answer because they just don't ask. I wonder every day how I can do to do my job better as a video producer. It's part of running a business. It's part of being a creator.

Do you wonder what video can do for your business? Hire a marketing consultant, ask peers what has worked for them, message us to find a solution that works for you. Take a chance. The data backs it up, video marketing is an essential component to any marketing plan and it has a high return on investment.

What are you waiting for? Message us today!

-Gabriel Wheeler

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